How to Eat Healthy While in Las Vegas


Keep reading to see our tips for eating healthy in Las Vegas, so you can make the most out of your trip!


Vegas is home tomany餐馆,一些在世界上最好的,其实。除了令人惊叹的大道上,你会发现世界级的餐厅丰富地,但哪些是健康的?通过健康的,我们指的是上面的快餐选项的一步一应俱全的每一个角落。我们谈论的是真实food, the kind of food that makes your taste buds quiver and won’t leave your body in turmoil.


You probably wouldn’t think “sports bar” when you imagine healthy food, but thisLas Vegas sports bar是上面休息的切口。位于海市蜃楼度假村,仍然拥有超过8000平方英尺的空间和27个电视观看的比赛中令人惊叹的高清。当你在这,你可以尝试数百种啤酒的选项之一,并在一个菜单中不会离开你感到内疚参加。


Protein House

Don’t let the partying atmosphere of Vegas leave you feeling down.Protein Housewas founded in 2012 to bring delicious, nutrient-rich food to a market that offered much较笼统。整个菜单设计时考虑到健身,所以一切都是精心制作,以满足身体的需要。



每日厨房’s meals focus on simplicity and healthy eating, bringing both in a style that’ll leave your wallet你的身体感觉很好。停止到你的拉斯维加斯下次访问日常制作冰沙,套,多的每天厨房。不要停留在得来速的时候,你可以得到所有的营养物质,并在此拉斯维加斯的餐馆对待你的味蕾。

Greens and Proteins

Greens and Proteins是你去到了拉斯维加斯风格的健康饮食。无论你的饮食限制可能是,他们可以在绿党和蛋白质来满足。低碳水化合物,高蛋白质,无麸质,随你你的需要!菜单是多样化的,多才多艺,一个d there’s an even a build your own meal feature to craft the perfect dish for your needs.

There’s also a smoothie and a juice bar so you can get your smoothie fix while you’re in Vegas.

Good Habits

More important than finding the right places to eat is maintaining good habits while you’re in Vegas. It can be令人难以置信tempting to fall out of habits, especially in a place where temptation waits around every corner.

The first tip we have to offer is to avoid buffets, or rather, be警惕of buffets. It can be quite tempting to lose yourself in the abundance of tasty foods, but overeating is pretty much a given at a buffet; that’s why it’s都可以吃。

Putting too much food in your body results in excess calories, which is what youdon’t当你想保持你的体重和保持健康需要。警惕自助餐,只吃你需要填写你的肚子是什么。


酒精是a good thing for any diet. Beer, especially, can result in serious over-consumption of calories that will stay with you long after you leave Sin City behind. Try to keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum while you’re in Vegas, and order lower-calorie beverages like light beer.


Most hotels and resorts have some kind of workout room or gym available to members. Even if your hotel or resort doesn’t, they’ll probably have a pool. Swimming is an excellent way to burn calories and get a full-body workout. Don’t forget about your workout; it’s the best way to burn off the excess calories you might accumulate during your trip.

Enjoy Your Trip

The important thing about visiting Las Vegas is that you enjoy it! Each of the restaurants we’ve chosen offers great options at decent prices, and staying healthy during your vacation can help you make the most of it. You wouldn’t want to be left feeling sick because of a fast-food chain burger, would you?