What is There to Do in Bratislava for a 3-Day Trip?

Are you looking to discover a medieval, 18th-century, town in Europe? The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava is one among four capitals in Europe set along the Danube River, located between Hungary and Austria, Bratislava is one of the richest regions of the European Union. Being a small town, 3 days are enough to explore the best of it if you can’t stay for long, here are a few things you can do while you’re there.


Explore Old Town Bratislava

If you love walking the streets of ancient European countries, gazing at the beautiful architecture and sceneries at your own pace; discovering castles, palaces, and great cafes along the way while hearing legends then this town is the town for you. The food is extraordinaryin Bratislavaso make sure you have breakfast before starting your exploration tour. While you’re there make sure you take a look at the Blue Church, which will fascinate you and make sure you take a very interesting post-communist tour. Make sure you don’t forget to grab your camera with you and take gorgeous pictures of the sunsets at the riverside or the UFO bridge.

Check Out the Little Carpathian Mountains

It’s a trip filled with historian facts, a great atmosphere, and awesome forests. If you’re on a Eurotrip then the minute you decide totransfer from Vienna airport to Bratislava, you will notice how the “twin cities” give you the essence of ancient and beautiful central Europe. You will also notice that this town offers great food and fantastic nightlife that allows you to go bar hopping all night long and taste their spectacular local beer. Are you a fan of wine? Everyone is, make sure you take a vineyard tour along the Carpathian mountains and taste great wine from family wineries that have got plenty of fantastic wine to offer.

Visit the Nedbalka Gallery

Nedbalka Gallery

Are you an art lover? You will be amazed by the outstanding art collections made by Slovak masters that you will find in this Palace. It features famousSlovakian artistsfrom the 19th century and up until this day. If you’re there in time of an exhibition then you’re about to enjoy the most interesting side of this town. If you plan to be there in October then make sure you hit the Danubiana Meulensteen art museum too, you will find plenty of modern and contemporary art exhibitions that they host along with a riverboat cruise that will help you discover all about ancient and modern Slovakian artists.

Are you into a different kind of art? If you’re a fan of vintage cars and motorcycles, then it would be interesting for you to know that this town is a major car manufacturing city in Europe and this museum traces the history of their development. Enjoy over 100 cars from the 70s and after.

Bratislava is known for its hiking and biking trails by the forests, but that’s not the only that defines it, Bratislava’s bars and cafes are well recognizable and the town is surrounded by little Carpathian mountains and vineyards, that’ll take your breath away. It’s also the cultural and economic center of the country where you will be able to do a variety of activities that include checking out its museums and stare at its noticeable architecture while walking from one side of the city to the other in a matter of minutes.